Save Upwards of 11% or more using 71lbs to renegotiate your FedEx/UPS Contract

"You have the best discounts in this region!" sound familiar? Do you know what poor/good/great carrier agreements should look like for how much you spend with UPS and/or FedEx?

With COVID, the carriers have added additional fees & surcharges. Peak season is bringing additional  fees & surcharges. 

We are helping companies lock in better carrier agreements for the next 3 years as well as helping them to minimize and/or avoid additional surcharges & fees.

Let our team at 71lbs help you to reduce your overall shipping spend by:

  • Reviewing your current carrier agreement for opportunities to save money
  • Analyzing your company's shipping data to develop a customized plan of action
  • Coaching you through the negotiations process

Schedule your complementary shipping spend review today and start saving.


Get The Most Out Of Your FedEx/UPS Contract

How It Works


A Negotiation Plan

Companies leave money on the table when negotiating their carrier agreements. We will work with you as well as educate, your team on best practices and make sure that your carriers are being held accountable to your agreement. We'll propose a strategy with your spend, shipping practices, goals, and current climate in mind.


Benchmarking Data

With our Contract Negotiation service, customers save an average of 20-25% on their shipping spend. Our team will help you identify and ask for appropriate rates suited to your shipping volume. This includes access to benchmarking data used to support your request.


Invoice Breakdown

New agreement in place? After your new contract is implemented, our team will review and provide a detailed, itemized invoice that breaks down each item by service level, to see just how much you’re saving.

71lbs makes renegotiating your carrier agreement(s) simple!


Our 5 step contract negotiation process is efficient and thorough


Kick-off Call

Once you decide to hire the 71lbs team to help you with your carrier negotiations process, a kick-off call is completed.



During this discussion, we ask you a shortlist of questions regarding your current shipping practices and seek to understand your specific needs (i.e. potentially changing carriers, adding additional shipping service options, etc.)


Data Breakdown

Next, we accumulate all of your shipping data, review your current carrier agreements & run our analysis against our customer base of more than 5,000 companies who ship to create our communications to the carrier(s).



We will be by your side, creating the communications during the back and forth emails/discussions until we achieve an agreement that achieves the targeted savings & fits your needs.



You sign your new agreement, and we will monitor the savings every month to ensure compliance with the new agreement.