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We help thousands of companies save $60MM in FedEx/UPS shipping costs

UNIQSA & 71lbs have teamed up to help your company save, on average, 15.5% or more on your FedEx & UPS shipping costs.

Did you know that if your shipment is late by one minute, your company is entitled to a 100% refund?

$2B is left unclaimed every year!


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The 71lbs Advantage

71lbs uses benchmarked data from more than 5,000 customers coupled with industry experience to get you the best agreement possible for your shipping spend with FedEx/UPS. 

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Contract Negotiations 

7llbs can empower you with the expertise and data needed to ensure you're getting an agreement that's best-in-class to your spend - without jeopardizing your relationship with your shipping courier.


15%-38% Savings


Shipping Refunds

We help you track your shipments and analyze your shipping data to identify savings opportunities – automatically. Complex carrier data is transformed into actionable insights allowing you to make informed business decisions.

8%-18% Savings

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Discounted Shipping

We provide data visualization of your shipping history, trends and identify your company's personalized areas to recoup savings on your shipping spend.


33%-58% Savings

Testimonials - Daron
“We have been saving thousands of dollars a month. It’s frictionless, just as promised.”

Daron H, President at Skate Shop

How We Do It

We'll run an analysis of your shipping data to show you just how much you can save!

Trusted by over 5,000 customers

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